Claire Este McDonald

Faculty CEM headshot-3854.jpg

Claire is an Ayurvedic health counselor and yoga therapist, 500-ERYT, Master Baptiste teacher, RN-BSN, Jyotish, and healer. A lifelong practitioner and teacher, Claire's teaching is distinguished by her gentle insistence that her students be educated by their own body and their own emotions and experiences.

Claire’s life has been devoted to health and healing. As a child, her grandmother opened her eyes and heart to the world of the elements through nature, yoga, food, and holistic healing. Claire’s passion for the human body and spirit’s capacity for healing led her to bridge the worlds of western medicine as an RN, with extensive training in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology and the ancient healing systems of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Vedic Astrology. Her approach to health encompasses soul, mind, body, senses, and a deep connection and balance with the environment as well as the universe around us.

Claire’s own healing journey through four major back surgeries, Lyme disease, and advanced stage metastatic breast cancer has informed her perspective on how the body heals itself. Through her teaching and coaching, she leads with the truth supported by both Western and Eastern perspectives that given the right environment the body will heal itself.