Ayurveda is famous for its nourishing, yet effective, approach to cleansing. We generally cleanse the body of accumulated dosha at the junctures of seasons, in fall and spring. This is an effective method for boosting immunity before the cold and allergy seasons, as well as providing a “reset button” at regular intervals to ensure the integration of healthy routines in the midst of our ever-evolving lives. 

The Ayurvedic cleansing method includes a specific and simple diet composed of three meals per day of mung beans and rice and the application of natural oils, called snehana, to loosen and release impurities. Expensive supplements are not required. You can do it all at home, maintain your responsibilities, and forge new habits. Ready to explore cleansing? 

The Transition to Fall and Spring Workshops at Down Under are the perfect introduction to Ayurveda and offer practices for changing diet and lifestyle along with the seasons, and explains the benefits and philosophy of seasonal cleansing. If you are ready to embark on a cleanse, you can choose from the Seasonal Guided Community Cleanse, where support from Kate will guide you through the process, or choose to follow a simple Anytime Home Cleanse on your own.

Seasonal Workshops

Still have questions about cleansing? Visit the Cleansing FAQ page for more information: