Question:  I've never done a cleanse before, can I still join? 
Answer:  If this is your first time, Kate will encourage you to follow a more gentle option. This way you will remain relaxed and able to take full benefit. If you are experienced with Ayurvedic cleansing, remember the most powerful experience results from giving yourself plenty of space and time. If your lifestyle does not allow you to slow down, the cleanse manual includes a section of travel tips to allow you to follow the cleanse even when the season feels busy. If your present diet is a long way from whole foods, consider booking a consultation. 

Question: What if the dates don’t work for me?
Answer: You can certainly shift things by a few days to accommodate life.  You may get started and end up going longer or shorter than you thought.  People have also been successful by following along with the group and beginning a few days later.
Question: What if I have too much going on right now?
Answer: Check out the Anytime Home Cleanse, a 5-day more relaxed program which you can follow on your own, at a time most convenient to you. Look ahead to the next season's Guided Community Cleanse.  Or come see an Ayurvedic Consultant for a personal plan.

Question: What do I eat during the cleanse?
Answer: For the four to seven days during the main cleanse you will be following a mono-diet of rice and mung beans OR a simple diet of grains and cooked vegetables.  This week will require you to prepare daily a one-pot meal in the AM, which you can enjoy 3 times throughout the day, and bring to work. 

Question: What do I eat and do in the days before and after the main cleanse?  
Answer: In the days leading up to and following the cleanse, you will eat clean, meaning no white sugar, wheat, alcohol, dairy and coffee. During these dates you will want to rest as much as life allows, optimizing your body’s ability to clean up house.

Question: Can I do the cleanse if I’m addicted to caffeine? 
Answer: Yes!  If you are addicted to coffee, begin reducing your intake by a half cup every day until you get down to one. You can take tea if necessary instead. You may be able to get down to a half cup and perhaps only tea before the cleanse starts.

Question:  What if I can’t stick with it or if fall off the wagon?
Answer: Taking time for self-care is probably the biggest learning curve of Ayurvedic cleansing. Reflect on this as you decide whether this is the time for you. I have seen participants release perfectionism about the experience and really enjoy “doing my best” and taking benefit from even one Ayurvedic routine.  Make it nicer by beginning to reduce now: caffeine, sugar, wheat, dairy, meat, and alcohol. No need to go cold turkey, take it slow and don’t be an extremist.