This category of Ayurvedic professional is trained to focus on preventive healthcare as well as health promotion, with a specific focus on diet and lifestyle.  

This course will take 12 months and total 665 hours of classroom, web based classes, and independent study. This course moves from personal practice to learning how to teach and advise clients in the realm of an Ayurvedic Health Counselor with a focus on diet and lifestyle to balance individual constitutional types. A great emphasis will be on food and cooking and the use of kitchen spices for maintaining health as well as simple home remedies for common ailments. This class will have a five-day immersion scheduled at the end and will include hands on training, clinical observation, and a case study project. 


Application Procedure
Applicants must download and complete the full application packet. Email the completed application to

Full application packet will include:

  • Student application completed in full.

  • Response to the essay questions.

  • Personal resume and college transcripts (unofficial transcripts are acceptable).

Ayurvedic Health Counselor Training Dates
The next Ayurvedic Health Counselor training will begin in 2020. It will consist of ten weekends meeting Friday 4–7pm and Saturday/Sunday 9am–6pm and weekly webinars on Monday nights from 7–9pm.

All sessions will take place at
Down Under Wellness & Massage
1038 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02446


Program Requirements

Registration Pre-requisites:
Fundamentals of Ayurveda (or equivalent program)
Bachelor’s degree preferred, exceptions on a case-by-case review.

  • 10 weekend sessions x 20 hours = 200 hours  (Includes 20 Clinical Observation hours)

  • Weekly 2 hour webinars x 43 (+ 3 hours private mentoring) = 89 hours

  • Closing session: Immersion retreat 5 days = 33 hours

  • Clinical Training Externship (100 hours externship + 50 hours case write-ups) = 150 hours

  • Case Study Paper = 28 hours

Total hours = 500 hours AHC Program + 165 hours Fundamentals of Ayurveda pre-requisite = 665 hours


Tuition and feeS

AHC Program     
Required e-book



Terms & Policies

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