Anne Marie Rodriguez

The value of a life less ordinary was instilled in Anne Marie by her Colombian family from the time she was a small child. Today, the memories of her mother’s herbal remedies, dancing salsa and her abuelita’s tarot card readings, inspire her to pursue a path of learning, questioning, and discovery. Her pursuit of these principles has allowed Anne Marie to build a career in healing arts that has spanned more than fifteen years, during which time she has cultivated a strong background in the treatment of chronic stress, injury prevention, and auto-immune disorders, with practices like myofascial release, neuromuscular, cranio-sacral therapy, reiki, thai yoga, as well as ancient traditions of yoga, ayurveda, and western herbalism.

Anne Marie assists clients with the healing process by introducing a multi-disciplinary approach honed in the Netherlands,Thailand, India and through continued yoga studies with Rod Stryker of the Parayoga tradition, based on Tantra and Ayurveda. Having received certifications in Ayurveda from Kripalu in 2007 and practices herbalism extensively with Margi Flint of Marblehead, MA since 2010.

By leveraging these interrelated practices of healing, adjustments in diet, and the practice of yoga nidra, she guides clients through major life transitions such as pre-post natal care, trauma, and loss. Through these efforts, Anne Marie has assisted hundreds of clients in discovering and harnessing their inner strength. It is her goal to provide a safe physical space through which clients can access their natural powers of self-healing and transformation.

When not assisting others on their path, Anne Marie shares her love of art, music, and dance with her son and partner, a Boston-based artist.